Begin Bright is an award-winning school readiness and primary tutoring franchise. With programs offered nationwide to children aged from 2 to 12, we aim to give children the best start to their education.

Meeting the objectives outlined by the Australian National Curriculum, the Begin Bright programs offer a path from childhood discovery and exploration, through to developing, improving, and extending your child’s literacy and numeracy comprehension.

Begin Bright fosters a sense of enjoyment putting creativity, discovery, and fun back into learning. Our tutors build confidence to enhance your child’s education journey.

Established in 2008 and converted to a franchise system in 2011, Begin Bright has grown to over 30 centres across Australia, and in 2016 was acquired by Cognition Education Group.

Cognition Education Group are global leaders in education, creating positive impact for learners of all ages – from early years to adults in the workforce. The team work across public, private and not-for-profit sectors, helping clients ignite a passion for learning and create impact for learners of all ages.

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