We teach kids how to code!

Children these days are more tech-savvy than most of their parents, however there has never really been a physical space in which they can develop their computing capabilities. CODE4FUN provide children with a physical space in which they can let their love for computing and technology run free.

Our mission is to ensure that every child has an opportunity to learn coding and computer science. We all want the best for our children and as parents we are passionate about creating an environment where our kids can continually grow and develop.

Learning how to code has provided our children, and many other children that attend our weekly coding courses with a way of processing the world around them, a logical way of thinking, problem solving and cognitive development. We harness their creativity and teach them that there is no such things as impossible. Programming is a life skill that will allow our students to become the architects of the future.

CODE4FUN run weekly classes in 26 different locations, 6 days a week, teaching over 1,400 students.

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