Mermaid Swim Academy (MSA), established in 2005 by “The Mermaid” herself (Joanna Kyriazakos), has become one of the most beloved, renowned and best swim school in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

MSA offers swimming lessons in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney starting from Parent & Babies all the way through to Learn to Swim, Stroke Development and Junior Swim Squads. MSA is unique from other swim schools as we conduct all our lessons in a natural saltwater environment at the Bondi Icebergs Pool. In addition to traditional swim lessons and training, we also offer a range of open water tuition including surf awareness, surf swimming and in particular the highly successful Surf Sports Nipper Training Camps.

Our aim is for all our students to develop a love of the ocean by feeling confident and safe when being active in, or around the water.

The swim school aims to provide each student with the opportunity to develop and master the invaluable life skill of learning to swim. Mermaid Swim Academy’s secret to success is found within three major factors:
1. Small classes
The school believes that this allows each child to develop a stronger relationship with their teacher and receive greater feedback, which consequently enhances their progression and more importantly nourishes their overall love of the water.
2. Unique methods of teaching
Joanna’s in-depth studies of swimming techniques, working alongside with industry professionals in stroke correction such as Nilton Nelms and Shane Could, in addition with her studies of anatomy and physiology (working with unique exercise physiologists and posture physio-therapists) have aided her in creating a better understanding of how we should swim to suit our bodies, which makes MSA classes all the more unique and effective.
3. Quality teachers
MSA achieves such reputable results through its highly skilled and appropriately qualified swimming teachers, whose vibrant, energetic and passionate approach enables each child to obtain outstanding results, whilst developing their passion for the water.

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