We provide skateboarding lessons in a range of formats from one-on-one private lessons to large clinics for schools, vacation care and also community organisations. We also host skate parties.

We tailor our lessons to suit each student as we understand every skater has their own strengths, challenges, aspirations etc.

Absolute beginners are guided step-by-step through a sequence of stages that have been designed to help them grasp the fundamentals of skateboarding in a safe, easy way.

Lessons are held at local skate parks, sports centres and as we are a mobile service we can also come to you. Skateboards, safety equipment and skate obstacles can be provided.

Technique then creativity Lessons for intermediate students focus on more progressive technique, and at this stage guidance is also provided for specific tricks a student may wish to learn. We believe creativity is a vital element of skateboarding, so we encourage self-directed learning.

Most people are surprised at how quickly they progress with the guidance of a professional instructor. And while we get a real kick out of seeing how well our students progress, we believe safety and fun are the most important values.

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