Trifu Dojo is a premium martial arts school in Sydney, and we pride ourselves on providing you with a unique environment to learn a range of martial arts, and to join a welcoming community. Our Dojo is here to serve you, and to be a destination where you can hone your skills and reach your goals, in a supportive and respectful environment. Trifu Dojo has been running it’s acclaimed programs for ten years in the Eastern Suburbs.

Our Karate schools are not just a Martial Arts School, we help teach focus, fitness, health, weight loss, strength, assist with passive anti-bullying . Our Kids Karate classes have been moulded to inspire young minds, without depleting from the curriculum, the classes are challenging, fun and exciting.

Karate is a challenging and creative Martial Art but our Dojo takes it one step more, we also teach skills children require to get through all the stumbling blocks life can put before them, and set them up for a positive attitude, and a life that enables them to believe that although the world may be a challenging place it has many rewards, just take the right steps early in life to create the best possible outcome!
As parents we are trying to find an avenue that will create a child that others can look up to, not just in a sport or academic way, a citizen of the world that makes a mark for him/herself in life, someone that people want to be around that are making the world a better place to be in just by being there.

We are always guided along the way by the parents’ feedback and enjoy a close association with the parents of our students, to help guide us in assisting their children strengthen any areas that may need improvement. We are the backup for you and your belief system never the other way around.

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